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Diagnostic interviewing, behavioral assessment, administration and interpretation of psychological test measures. To provide effective treatments the Pre-Treatment, PsychoAnalytic,  PsychoDiagnostic Assessment haa necessary and essential function. It is the basis upon which diagnosis is determined. (continued)

Overview of Treatment Traditions

All state jurisdictions and Canada grant several kinds of licenses to mental health professionals who have demonstrated the ability to meet the state's or province's standard of competent and safe practice.  The kinds of licenses granted reflect different treatment approaches, or treatment traditions, e.g. the alcohol and drug counselor tradition, the social work tradition, the counseling tradition, the clinical psychology tradition, the psychoanalytic tradition, etc. 

Each treatment approach follows a specific training model and each kind of license reflects the length of pre-licensure training (associates level and bachelors-level providers, masters-level providers,
doctoral-level providers). 

The general view by licensing boards is that the longer the training, the greater range of conditions or pathology one is qualified to treat. Conversely, the less time spent in training the fewer kinds of conditions one is permitted to treat.  To this point, a weakness in the regulatory responsibilities of licensing boards is their ability to  ensure that any one provider is not providing treatment for conditions for which they were not trained. 

The minimum degree requirement to be regarded a counselor is a two year,  associates degree.  Many
states including New Hampshire a provider practicing with a two-year college degree qualifies only to practice as a counselor with a narrow scope of practice. That is, the provider is trained to treat a specific diagnosis, or group of diagnoses. Examples are the Pastoral Counselor and the Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, or LADC (LAY - dack)

Some providers who have been granted the doctorate degree in counseling, that is, the counseling psychologist degree, may opt for the Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor license, rather than pursuing licensing as a psychologist. 

PsychoDynamic-Analytic Psychotherapy

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