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The Counseling Tradition

In the State of New Hampshire, as throughout the United States and Canada, one will find the counseling tradition provided by Counseling Psychologists, a doctoral-level provider, and Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors (LCMHC), a masters-level provider. Massachusetts omits "clinical" from the license leaving Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC). These practitioners provide treatments based upon Counseling approaches to ameliorating suffering, primarily. 

Counseling psychologists, and LCMHCs- assist individuals experiencing distress due to a recent event. The aim of treatment is to return the individual, the couple, the family to a former level of functioning by resolving the suffering caused by that event.  

The Counseling Psychologist and the Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor directs her attention to interpersonal functioning with special attention to the more common-place life stressors arising within those relationships. For example, the employee and colleague relationship, the employer-employee relationship, the student-teacher relationship, or the spousal relationship.

Good candidates for the counseling treatment approach are individuals who have experienced a largely successful existence by having adapted resourcefully to daily challenges and conflicts. Yet, this client may find a particular life transition or a life adjustment overwhelming. School and career concerns, relationship difficulties including marital and family difficulties, learning and skill deficits, stress management, social adjustment, physical disability, terminal illnesses are examples of such life transitions and life adjustments. 

Bereavement, including pregnancy miscarriage, vocational changes, quality of life decline due to aging, a medical condition or a catastrophic injury, partner/spouse conflict and the disruption of marriage, and conflicts arising from the intersections of race, gender, class, and culture are other examples of struggles that Counselors often see.  

Robinson-Wood Applied Psychology provides counseling and psycho-educational services. Counseling tends to be brief, lasting only as long as it takes you to reach your goals and solve your problems, typically 5-20 appointments. The treatment approach of counseling is to develop solutions; problem solving is the focus of counseling therapy. You will receive advice and suggestions during your sessions, which you will be able to use outside of the sessions. 

For a more in depth discussion and description of the Counseling treatment tradition and training model . . .

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