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Primum non nocere 
(First, do no harm) 

We are Robinson-Wood Applied Psychology an outpatient clinic located in a private setting within the southern-most boundary of the White Mountains National Forest. It is, and has been our long-standing vision and commitment to see to the welfare of children and their families.  

Many of our child-patients and their parents and siblings struggle with the demands made by our environments: Separations due to divorce, death, military deployment; relocation to the new school district; parents feeling their influence in their child's life is eroded or negated by external forces. Inevitably parents feel unable to knowingly respond to the child's seemingly self-defeating behaviors.   

A significant number of our child-patients have retreated from their world, maladaptively comforting their self by isolating, or cutting themselves, or with food, or vaping, or through drug and alcohol use, or self-defeating peer relationships, or promiscuity. Occasionally the child's emotional struggles reveal themselves through chronic and acute gastro-intestinal pain, tearing cuticles, and piercings and gauging. 

And, a significant number of our child-patients have moved against their world maladaptively comforting their self by violating others' boundaries beit with threats to others, sexual offending, vandalism, cruelty to people (racism, bigotry), or animals, or thievery. 

Many of our child-patients did not benefit from other treatment approaches, or were viewed by other practitioners as treatment "resistant." And still others were excluded or turned away by providers due to the complexity or severity of their behaviors.  

Whether your child retreats, or moves against their world, parents often feel inadequate and insecure. Their anxiety mounts and is revealed as anger, rage, or numb and paralyzed. 

Our child-patients and their parents undergo pre-treatment psychodynamic-analytical, psycho-diagnostic assessments initially. We are able to schedule these assessment appointments within ten weeks of referral, currently. The use of systemic-family therapies and psychodynamic-analytical therapy underpins most all treatments. Because active support of the parents-caregivers is predictive of outcome, support, advisory and psycho-therapeutic services for the child's parents-caregivers, including couple, and family therapy, are an integral part of each child's treatment.  

In addition to our pediatric services we provide psychoanalytic-psychodynamic treatment, and counseling and psycho-educational services for adults. 


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